Welcome to our campsite!

For more than 50 years the Van der Burgh familie have endevoured to ensure an enjoyable and unforgetable holiday experience.  Our website provides a summary of information regarding our campsite and surrouding area. Do you have any questions, comments or need tips during your stay? Then please don't hesitate to visit the reception. We are here to serve and assist in anyway possible.

We wish you an enjoyable and memorable stay at Midicamping where memories are made and hope to welcome you back again in the future.

Greetings, Arie, Ellen van der Burgh and the camping team

Midicamping Van der Burgh - Voet-of Kraagweg 9 - 3235 LL - Rockanje -  Reception: +31 (0) 181-40 41 79
Private number Arie (only in case of emergency): +31 (0)6 30 67 43 92 -  Private number Ellen (only in case of emergency): +31 (0 )6 42 69 39 74

Opening hours - Reception - High season: 9:00 AM to 12:00 midday / 2:00 PM to 5:30 PM / 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM
Low season 9:00 AM to 12:00 midday / 2:00 PM to 5:30 PM 

Barrier closed from 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM

Download our Camping Comfort App

* Stay informed about our activities

* Find more information about the campsite and surroundings
* Order your sandwich / rolls
* Look at the menus

At the campsite we offer different types of camping pitches:

* Spacious Comfort pitches with power connection, drinking water and drainage on the camping pitch. 
* Luxury Comfort camping pitches with their own sanitary building on the camping pitch.
* Camper pitches with a paved surface
* Tent pitches

* Rental chalets

This is our Midicamping website

Midicamping Van der Burgh is also environmentally concious.

We utilise solar panels and a heat boiler and asof 2024 our electricity network is geared towards a just system of payment - no flat rate just pay for what you use.

Important information about electricity consumption

Every customer must pay or settle the electricity used upon departure


At Check-in

You report at reception upon arrival. We check the electricity level at your camping pitch, which includes a power point socket.  Useage is set  set at  a standard 8Amps, however you may also increase the setting to 10 or 14 Amps by prior arrangement.


During your Stay

Should you use more than 8 Amps in electricity, there will be a brief break in electricity. If this happens often, you can increase the amps setting at reception.


At Check Out

On departure we willl check your electricity reading and your account wil reflect your useage base on the final reading for payment calculated at € 0,60 per KWh. On final reading power is diconnected.

To make your stay as pleasant as possible, we have put together a handy ABC's with useful information about our campsite and the surrounding area:


A - AED/CPR and first aid kit

For safety, there is an AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) at the reception and a first aid kit is available.

A - Arrival and departure

Check-in is possible from 2:00 PM. On departure you must check out before 12:00 midday and arrange the final electricity bill. Please note that the reception is closed between 12:00 midday and 2:00 PM.

- Animation program

During the summer holidays we offer a fun entertainment programme. View the agenda on the information board or the Camping Comfort app and don't forget to turn on the push notifications!

B – Barrier

The barrier is closed between 10:00 PM and 8:00 AM and driving speed is at walking pace- 5km/h on the campsite applies.


Enjoy a delicious BBQ at the campsite. Protect the grass, respect your fellow campers and make it a fun and safe BBQ. Our reception offers tasty barbecue meat packages from the local butcher.

C – Cancellation

Please refer to our cancellation policy on the website for more information.

C -  Charging station

We have a reserved spot in our parking lot especially for guests who need to charge their electric vehicle. Please be so kind use the charging station only when required and consider follow campers who also wish to charge their vehicles.

C – Cycling bike rental

Discover the area by bike! We rent electric bicycles, normal bicycles and child seats. A cycling map is waiting for you at reception.

D - Deer Camp

Feed the animals through the deer park fence with grass and green food. Check the entertainment calendar to see when group feeding takes place.

D - Directions

Convenient routes to nearby locations and beaches from the campsite.

  • Route Beach = 2.5 km = (5x left) campsite exit left/end left/underpass tunnel-1st left/1st left/left at parking lot. On the saltwater side, you still have to cycle/walk through the tunnel at the parking lot.
  • Route St. Annabos – ponds = 500 m = At reception, cross Voet-of Kraag road / walk along the horse pasture / through the swing gate and you have a choice over one of two foot bridges.
  • Route dunes-Quackjeswater = 1.5 km = campsite exit left/end left/before the tunnel to the right.
  • Route Rockanje center = Campsite exit left/end right/'end' right and immediately cross the roundabout straight ahead towards the centre of town.

E – Electrical connections

All electrical power connections are set to 8 amps as standard. You can upgrade this to 10 or even 14 amps at the reception. From 2024 we will use a new billing system that reflects the exact electricity useage at the end of your stay. This is reflected on your bill for payment.

G - Groceries

For daily shopping, we would like to refer you to the Plusmarkt in the village (3.5 km) or to the Holiday Supermarket at Camping Rondeweibos (0.5 km).

G - Groundsheet in the awning

The use of a plastic groundsheet and/or root cloth is only permitted in or under the camper or tent awning area.

N - Nuisance

Everyone deserves a good time! Respect the peaceful rest times and rules at the campsite.

Keep it quiet between 10:00 PM and 8:00 AM. Football and kite flying are not allowed on the camping fields. If there is any inconvenience, please discuss politly with your fellow camper, failing which please alert reception.

P -  Pup tent

Feel free to place a pup tent of up to 6 m2 on your pitch. If not used for longer than 1 week, please remove the tent.

R - Rabbit cuddly hutch

Get the key from reception to visit the rabbit hut, under adult supervision.

R - Reception opening hours

In high season the reception is open from 9:00 AM - 12:00 midday / 2:00 PM - 5:30 PM / 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM. We adjust opening hours during quieter periods.

S - Shower

A €0.50 coin is required for 4 minutes of shower pleasure.

S - Swimming pool

A small swimming pool at the camping spot? That's allowed! However, always supervise and move the pool every 2 days to preserve the grass.

T – Traffic

Drive at a walking pace on the campsite and always park the car in the designated places. Respect one-way traffic rules.

V - Visitors

Your visitors are very welcome! ! They can park for free in the designated parking lots and enter the site after registering at reception. Overnight visitors pay the applicable rate.

W - Washing machine and dryer

The washing machines and dryers can be used with special coins available at reception.

W – Waste and Waste Separation

We believe it is important to properly separate waste. Residual waste, please use appropriate containers, glass separately, paper/cardboard separately, green waste from the animals, bulky waste to your own municipal yard at home.

W – Water

Drinking water comes from all taps on the campsite.

W - WiFi

You can log in to our WiFi networks for free throughout our site with the password '2024'. Stay in touch with friends and share your holiday adventures effortlessly online.

W - Winter camping

Don't let autumn and winter hold you back! We have special camping pitches for these seasons on the Rosenhoek.

Recurring questions

Is plastic allowed in the awning?

Although we are very proud of our green lawn every spring, root cloth or plastic is allowed under the awning. The extension awning must be free of mats, etc.
Suppose you come camping with your caravan and you want grass under the awning? Then, after consultation, you can place the caravan on the site of the awning, so that you have a green area

Can I cancel my booking?

We advise everyone to take out cancellation insurance!
Cancellation or shortening your stay:
If canceled during your stay (or 1 week before arrival ) you must pay 100% of the agreed rate.

Within 1 week and 1 month before arrival

administration costs € 25.00 + 90% of the total amount due up to a maximum of 100%

One week before the arrival day or during the stay

100% of the total amount due

In the event of a cancellation, we will provide you with the correct paperwork so that you can submit this to your cancellation insurance.

What about a final electricity bill when I leave?

All comfort pitches are set to 8 amps as standard, but you can upgrade to 10 or even 14 amps for a small additional charge. Please indicate your preference when making your reservation or report it at the counter upon arrival.

To be honest and transparent about energy consumption, we measure your exact electricity consumption when you check out. At the end of your stay you will receive a final bill that reflects your actual consumption. With us you only pay for the energy you have actually used.

How should i place the caravan/camper?

Your camping equipment must be the length of the field. We can make an exception for a camper. Please ask about this.

How do I have to pay?

You pay in advance via the bank - PAY payment or upon arrival at reception (cash or pin).

Can the dog stay on the camping?

At the campsite:
A dog is your best friend and it is logical that the dog comes along on holiday. He is therefore very welcome on all camping fields at Midicamping. To keep it fun for all guests, your dog must always be on a leash no longer than 3m. Some guests bring a fold-out enclosure for the dog so that it can run freely around the caravan.

This can be done in various places nearby. Do let the dog do ALL his business outside the campsite. So really no puddles or tidy poops at the campsite. Therefore, avoid the grass strips when walking the dog to the road!

Pets are not allowed in the sanitary pavilion, the rental accommodations and/or the recreation room.


We do not have a restaurant on the campsite but we've got.....

broodjes op de camping

Sandwich/roll service

Enough customers

Start your day well with our sandwich service. Download our camping comfort app and place your order.


Every Sunday

On Sundays, and in high season also on Wednesdays, the Smulkar bakes the most delicious fries and snacks. Place your order at reception before 5:00 PM.

Pizza fresca

Pizza Fresca

Every Tuesday

The Pizza Fresca food truck comes to the square every Tuesday from 5:00 PM to prepare your fresh pizza.

BBQ pakket op de camping

BBQ meat 

At the reception

Butcher Edward Wageveld from Oostvoorne has put together 2 optional barbecue packages for you and you will find them sealed in our freezer.



At the reception

Fresh eggs are waiting for you at the reception.

Ice creams

At the reception 

It's always time to eat an ice cream...

Of course the dog can come along

He is very welcome on every camping field, but please keep him on a leash no longer than 3 meters.

We want to keep the campsite tidy, so let your dog do his 'needs' outside the campsite. So no puddles, tidy up poops or 'souvenirs' at the campsite or parking lots!

Fortunately, there are dispensers with poop bags and trash cans at all exits, so you can keep the area clean.

Did your furry friend get dirty after an adventurous day? No problem! You can rinse and wash it at the camper service point, just before the Rosenhoek.

There is plenty of space around the campsite for adventures with your dog. For the daily walk you can walk along the Voet-of Kraagweg or go to the  ponds at St. Annabos. There is a park-like environment where your dog can play or swim in a reasonably secluded area.
And if you really want to go on an adventure, you can cross one of the bridges to enter the forest. It is a vast area where you will certainly meet other dog friends. If you're early, you might even catch a glimpse of deer or foxes ducking into the woods.

For beach lovers, Rockanje beach is a dog paradise! You can walk all year round from the Haringvlietdam to Oostvoorne. During the summer season, the bathing beach is not accessible to dogs, but fortunately there is a horse path that runs behind it where you can walk with your faithful friend.

Finally, don't forget us if you are looking for a quiet place for your dog during the December days.

Discover more about the area

Of course, it's not just about the campsite, but also about the beautiful and varied surroundings that are waiting for you to discover. Upon arrival you should have already received the Voorne Putten Magazine, packed with information about the hidden gems in the area. For more details about beaches, nature, historic places and the extensive walking and cycling network, please visit and download our Camping Comfort app or drop by the reception.

Cycling enthusiasts

Cycling junction number 20 is ideal to start your route and can be found when you turn left from the campsite, just five hundred meters away. If you turn right from the campsite, you cycle towards cycle junction number 17.

camping aan zee

Beach fun

For beach lovers, our location offers a choice of two very different beaches just 2.5 km away. On one side of the Haringvlietdam lies the renovated Quack beach with fresh water, while on the other side the North Sea beach of Rockanje awaits with its natural salt water. A true paradise for sun worshipers and dogs, because they are also welcome! Also try the cozy beach bars such as Boelies and Shamerockinn the Quackstrand - Hellevoetsluis.
Or explore the bathing beaches, first and second, of Rockanje, 3.5 km away, which have been voted in the top 10 of clean, quiet and safe beaches for years.

Forest and ponds

Just 100 meters away is the St. Annabos of Natuurmonumenten, a planted forest where you can enjoy walking. Cross the Voet-of Kraagweg at the reception and walk past the horse pasture to the ponds. An enchanting park-like area where your four-legged friend can move freely. If you have a small fishing permit, you can even cast a fishing rod in the water.


The dunes of Westvoorne offer a versatile environment. Just 1 km away is the Quackjeswater area with beautiful water holes and the largest colony of spoonbills. The large dune area is located around the Tenellaplas visitor center in Oostvoorne.

Just a little further

Our campsite is located close to the Haringvliet locks. Crossing this, you reach the next island with the ports of Stellendam and characteristic villages such as Ouddorp and Middelharnis.
And for a unique outing, consider a visit to Futureland in the port of Rotterdam, an educational and fascinating experience, especially for children. Enjoy a bus and/or boat tour and discover everything about the world port. In the summer you can even take a pedestrian and cyclist ferry from Hoek van Holland to the Maasvlakte and back. www.hoeksveer.nl


And the icing on the cake, just 45 kilometers away, is the vibrant center of Rotterdam! There are several ways to get there. From the campsite you can travel by car or public transport (bus 404 to Spijkenisse and then by metro). But an adventurous start might be with the water taxi from the RDM Haven Directiekade stop, which takes you directly into the center of Rotterdam.

A lot of adventure for the children.........

* Playground to make new friends 
* Go-karts that you can ride for free
* An entertainment program in high season
* Deer camp to feed

* Cuddly rabbits to visit

* Beach only 2.5 km away

* Milk tap at the end of the road

* Pony 'riding' in high season

* Youth club with a football game

* Fien and Teun treasure hunt with a real diploma

What is there to do in the area?

Have a nice time at our Midicamping

We strive for a fantastic stay for all our guests. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us at reception. We are always there for you to make your stay as pleasant as possible!

Arie, Ellen van der Burgh and the entire camping team

Midicamping Van der Burgh Voet-of Kraagweg 9 3235 LL ROCKANJE
Receptie: +31 (0) 181 40 41 79
Prive noodnummers +31 (0)6 30 67 43 92 / +31 (0)6 42 69 39 74

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